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Ribbit Ribbit!
This past weekend we went and checked out the new frog display at the Museum of the Rockies!  I absolutely loved it and you have to check it out!
Redbox Taking Over The World
For me, Redbox is changing how I watch movies.  I love the dollar rentals, convenience of no membership - I am officially hooked.  AND NOW they are ready to go online! WOOHOO!
Andy Cohen Is Brilliant
Heidi Montag is on the top of  my list of "wish I would never hear from again celebrities".   And now she's trying to creep in on my favorite show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!  Thank you Andy Cohen for being brilliant!
My Skiing Buddy
Her nickname is Little Spice – which is the name of her pink snowflake skis I am so jealous of – and she was my ski buddy during the Moonlight Basin Learn To Ski Program.  I think she was horrified on Day 1 when she realized she was going to take lessons grown ups...
Tim Gunn To Fill Us In On His Fashion Tips
I love Tim Gunn from Project Runway!  He has wrote one book - and is about to write another.  Will you buy this new book?
TIM GUNN TO PENN NEW FASHION BOOK: According to People, Tim Gunn is working on a new book called The Fashion Bible: The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Close…
Best of The Best Dogs
I absolutely love dogs – so I love seeing the pictures each year from the Westminster Dog Show.  This year the winner was Hickory – and he’s alot different that winners in the past!
Kim Kardashian A Singer?
I am just going to be blunt – I hate when people who have no business being in the music world decide to release an album.   I believe that music is inspired by culture, years of work, and respect. Recently it was  Kim Zolziak from the Real Housewives, Up next – Kim Kar…

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