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Football Tip For The Ladies!
Before the big game get here on Sunday, take a peak at this article.  I think it’s a duh moment – but a refresher is nice.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?
Men want their women to leave them alone or watch the game:
It’s Always The Right Weather To Shop
In my personal opinion…it’s always the right weather to shop!  Check out these winter must have’s!
Despite the frigid temps and Vitamin D-lacking blues, the one thing you can smile about this winter is your wardrobe prowness...
Super Entertainment During The Big Game!
I am more excited for this years Super Bowl than I have ever been before.  Not only are my Green Bay Packers playing, the music lineup this year is incredible!  Maroon 5, Keith Urban, The Black Eyed Peas – WAY TO GO Super Bowl planners!  I give you an “A!&CloseCurlyDoub…
Montana Does Well At Wheel

On most nights, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy get watched at my house.  I suck a Jeopardy and Ross (the history major) is good at it, and I suck a little less at Wheel of Fortune (but usually beat him, barely).  Tuesday night a man from Montana won 25,000 in one round, ending up the big winner! …
Journey Into The Backcountry – Step 3

The creme of the crop for Backcountry Snowboarding Bindings are the Spark R&D Blaze Snowboard Bindings.  The wonder gadgets are the piece that makes the whole splitboard system work.  They work for cross country skiing into your location, and are what makes your board stiff enough to be able…
I Am A Happy Camper
Please refer to my blog from last week - I Picked My Football Team - XL Country 100.7 KXLB Radio.  I officially picked my football team AND THEY ARE HEADED TO THE SUPERBOWL!  How fun!
Now the important stuff.
Stay Warm, Look Sleek

I work and play in Downtown Bozeman – and I find myself laughing a couple of times a week at what I see ladies trying to wear and pull off in the snow.  Lesson 1 of living in Montana, it snows here – alot.  And you can either make the choice of being soaking wet and freezing all the time, or you…
I Picked My Football Team
This year I have been watching a ton of football.  My boyfriend Ross is a football freak, and well I like to hang out with him so I started paying attention.  After all I thought it would help my cause during hockey season – my sport of choice.  And I officially have a team&h…
Bridger Bowl, MSU Bobcat Ski Day
With all this new snow – get up and ride Bridger Bowl tomorrow for a good cause!
MSU Bobcat Ski Day is Jan. 21st 2011  Help support the MSU ski team with discounted lift tickets!!

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