Zac Brown Band lead singer Zac Brown admits he was in a Florida hotel room when police raided it last week, reports of which began circulating Friday morning (April 15). The singer offers his side of a story, saying that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Brown takes responsibility for his actions in a post on Facebook, but says that he did not know two people who were arrested.


The party, Brown says, was a private gathering in a Miami-area hotel, and he was only there a short time when police arrived. The note to fans begins with a sentence about his father teaching him that nothing good happens when you stay out late. “Everyone is responsible for their actions, and I regret using poor judgment and putting myself in that position,” he says.

“I am focused on continuing to make great music for my fans, and on representing my family and community well with our philanthropic work. And next time I'll make sure to remember what my dad taught me.”

TMZ was first to report the story of the drug bust in Palm Beach, Fla. (75 miles north of Miami), tying Brown to it. The "Toes" hitmaker was in town for a charity auction when police arrived and arrested four people, including two strippers, for possession of marijuana and cocaine. The raid came after they found three bags of cocaine in a car outside of the hotel and the driver of the car pointed the police to the hotel room.

Palm Beach Police have maintained Brown was not involved.

"We have no indication that Zac Brown was involved in any criminal investigation and that’s why he wasn’t in the police report," Palm Beach Police Capt. Curtis Krauel said. The police report was dated April 8.

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