The hit series "Yellowstone" has been renewed for 2 more seasons. The past 3 seasons have been filmed both on location in Montana, and in Utah. But, with season 4 currently in production, the filming of the series has been moved entirely to Montana. That means the casting directors are looking for help from locals in and around the Bitterroot Valley.

Recently you may have sent in an email to be considered as an extra for the show. If you did, you may need to resubmit that email to the casting team, to be considered for the most recent bookings.

Even if you have already sent us a submission please re-submit all of the information we ask for in order to be considered, BUT only if you fit the description of what we are booking.

What we are booking:

Work Date: Thursday 8/27
Location: Hamilton
Call time will be in the morning and you will be needed ALL day.
COVID testing date: Monday 8/24 (you can go to Hamilton but there are limited hours: they are between 11:30am-12:45 pm, OR Missoula has 2 locations: time is between 8am-3 pm)
Rate: Day of work: $121.10/12hrs +$35.00 Gas bump, + COVID testing and health protocols: $90.83.
Category: Construction MEN only (sorry ladies). Must be between 20-50 years old, all ethnicities. You must have work type clothing: Work boots, jeans, no logo t-shirts, flannel shirts, etc.
Category: Press/Reporters, men and women, ages 30-50, all ethnicities. Must have business suits to business casual clothing. Can be slacks, separates, blazers or full suits.

For more information on how to submit your information, click the link below.

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