Hard truth: I often feel like I'm drowning. Drowning in things to do, errands to run, job duties to complete, a household to look after, a friend to see (if I'm lucky) and everything else that daily life is all about. Somehow I'm doing it wrong. Am I the only one?

Several of my friends are frustrated that I haven't been present in our friendship. My house is NEVER really picked up. Sanitary? Yes. Organized? No. There always seems to be piles of crap that needs to be put away. Work is a constant state of deadlines, show planning and production...which is never done under the best of circumstances.

Here is where my frustration and confusion lies: How can an average, working woman feel so 'overwhelmed' with things to do when a) I don't have any children and b) I have a good dude in my life who contributes a lot. He works his ass off, isn't afraid of doing dishes and often cooks us a killer breakfast.


Even with reasonable 'to-do' lists every day, all the tasks NEVER get done. There have been several small projects in the basement that have been neglected for MONTHS. Our 'guest' bedroom is a catchall for the piles of crap I have to move when we do have friends stop by.

Do your women friends all appear to have their act together, even if their lives seem much busier than yours? I feel that way a lot. It's not a keeping up with the Jones's thing, but so many of my friends have kids, real jobs, clean homes and can still make time to (seemingly) have fun adventures every weekend. What the hell am I doing wrong?

The picture below is an honest peek into our 'guest room'. What the actual hell? Clothes, wine, booze, rifles, shoe collections, spillover closet goods...you name it, it's in there. The thought of organizing it terrifies me, let alone finding the time to actually do it.

photo - Michelle Wolfe
photo - Michelle Wolfe

I tried to promise myself an hour every single day to self care. Not happening. That could mean anything, really. A good walk, a nap if needed, a pedicure, yoga, whatever. For months now I've been trying to make it happen and I'm lucky if I can squeeze in a haircut which is RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO MY OFFICE.

Don't get me wrong - my life is very blessed. I just don't understand the process of balancing family, fun, work and real life chores. How do YOU make your life more balanced????

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