It's always nice when Montana winters turn to spring, but there is one aspect that can be absolutely terrifying about the change. Any Bozemanite could be out on a nice drive, when boom, out of a nowhere a giant pothole appears and ruins the mood.


There are already some pretty gnarly potholes popping up around Bozeman, especially on Durston from 19th to Ferguson. And then there's that giant one in front of Costco that will destroy your tire if you hit it just right. You know which one we're talking about, right?

Every driver in town at one point has had to swerve wildly at the last second because a mammoth pothole is staring them right in the face. But many drivers aren't always successful in dodging these hazards and it can be rough on the psyche when that bone-jarring "thud" echoes through your ride. We've all been there or know someone who has a pothole war story to tell.

Do you agree that Bozeman has a pothole problem? Let us know where you think the worst potholes in town are located.

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