It’s tough to swallow how much one person just paid for some wine.

A 1978 case of Romanée-Conti fetched a mind-blowing $476,280 – that’s the most ever paid for a case of wine at an auction. To put it into perspective, that whittles down to $39,690 per bottle and $6,615 per glass (there are six glasses for each bottle). Basically, it’s a high-end Burgundy (Yes, we know, like Ron Burgundy. Insert your ‘Anchorman’ joke here.).

An anonymous person from China was the lucky winner and since he voluntarily paid half a million dollars for wine, we can only assume he was already drunk.

For the amount of money it cost, you better believe word on the diamond-encrusted street is that this wine is, as the French say, magnifique. One reviewer gushed, “Glorious raw black truffles bouquet – wild! Incredible taste, rich, young and untamed. This wine should be censored. The fabulous result of an Indian Summer that coaxed miraculous depth and flavour out of the unique soil that is Romanée-Conti."

That's all just snooty talk for "It's really good."

Let this fella who won enjoy his take. We'll be fine huddled in the corner guzzling down our $15 boxed wine from Walmart.

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