For anyone who has ever driven by a pig farm of a cattle feed lot, odds are you probably gagged a little from the stench. Montana is home to plenty of pig farms and cattle feed lots. But, thankfully we have that fresh mountain air to mix in with the stink and make it a little more bearable.

The folks at Zippia are at it again. This time they are looking to rank the smelliest states in America. What state do you think stinks the most? New Jersey would be one of the first that comes to mind. But, how do you judge how smelly a state is?

According to Zippia, here is how they came up with the results.

We started with undisputed metrics of gross-ery.

  • Dirty air
  • Trash, or the percentage of each state that is landfill

To measure the dirtiness of the air, we referred Air Filters Delivered thorough ranking on air quality. Cleaner air smells better.

For the trash rating, we simply used the EPA’s data on the percentage of each state’s land that is taken up by landfills.

From there, we decided to look into human smell factors. Because smell is other people:

  • Population density
  • Bad breath (Dental health by state)

In the end they discovered that Maryland was in fact the smelliest state in America. Followed by California, Florida, Delaware and Massachusetts. The least stinky states in the country all surround Montana. North and South Dakota tied for #50, followed by Wyoming and Idaho. Montana, however, didn't rank as low. Judging by air quality mostly, Montana ranks #34 in the country for smelliest states.

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