It's an absolute travesty that no restaurants from Montana landed on this list, and we think that maybe Yelp should have better research next time. 

Yelp came out with The Top 100 Restaurants of 2022, and there isn't one Montana restaurant that landed on the list. That makes zero sense to us. Montana has quite a few restaurants that would not only qualify for this list but would probably land pretty high up in the rankings. What restaurants in Montana would land on this list?

A few months ago, we published a photo gallery of Ten Possible Michelin Star Restaurants in Montana, and every single one of them could be on the list. Two restaurants in Bozeman could easily qualify for this list. The first one is Blackbird in Downtown Bozeman. Blackbird is a classic Italian restaurant, and Blackbird's food is spectacular. The other restaurant is South 9th Bistro up near the Montana State campus. This restaurant usually caters to French cuisine, but their steak dishes are absolute bliss you have to give them a try. 

The most likely candidate to land on the Yelp Top 100 Restaurants list is Lucca's in Helena, Montana. Lucca's is an Italian restaurant that has won Best Italian Restaurant in Montana multiple times but could be the best in Montana period. 

The final restaurant we could see land on the list is Scotty's Table in Missoula, Montana. Scotty's Table has American fare but is well known in Missoula as the place to go to if you want a beautiful dinner. My parents go to Scotty's Table every year for either my mom's or dad's birthday. They both rave about the place. 

Either way, these are just a few of the restaurants that should have ended up on the Yelp Top 100 List but were overlooked. We will have to keep an eye out to see if anything changes next year. 

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