Montana is number one on the list!

Montana truly is one of the last best places. In total, the population of Montana is slightly over one million people. According to the CDC, your chances of getting killed by an animal are higher in Montana than they are anything else in the Country!

Here are the stats:

Outside Bozeman also shared some statistics on animal attacks in Montana:

  • Annual average grizzly-inflicted injuries in the backcountry: 1
  • Number of snake species in Montana: 10
  • Venomous snakes species in Montana: 1
  • Reported snakebites in Montana each year: 5-6
  • Number of deaths by snakebite in Montana in last 5 years: 0
  • Reported cougar attacks in last 100 years in U.S.: 12
  • Number of wolf-related fatalities in last 100 years in Montana: 0
  • Likelihood of being killed by a dog bite in the U.S. this year: 1 in 8,148,143
  • Likelihood of being killed by a bee, wasp, or hornet this year: 1 in 5,954,412