Weather is so frustrating, especially for a person like me who has to provide it on my local morning radio show. As we begin to wrap up our weekend, I decided to see if I could provide you with some valuable information for your morning commute on Monday.

Late last week, the "weather man," otherwise known as the National Weather Service, was predicting some very frigid temps for early this week. Today, they issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the Bozeman area calling for dangerously cold temps, possibly as low at -30 below zero.

However, if you go to the overall and hourly forecast from the NWS, it says wind chill temps for Sunday night will only be in the teens. That's a far cry from -30 below zero.

Credit: Weather Underground
Credit: Weather Underground

So, which forecast do we believe? I have no idea, so why don't we go with my forecast:

It's going cloudy and cold, with a chance of snow. Temps will be anywhere from -30 below zero to 24 degrees above zero. Roads will be slick where it is icy and visibility will be diminished where snow is blowing.

Hope this helps you!

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