Like Zac Brown, Tyler Farr is friends with Luke Bryan. And if he was asked, he'd let the 'That's My Kind of Night' singer know what he thinks of his song. "If" is the key word, however. 

Farr tells Taste of Country that voicing an opinion publicly would not be his means of expressing frustration with a song or certain style.

"If someone asked me their opinion honestly ... you know if Lee (singer Lee Brice, a close friend of Farr's) came to me and asked me ... I've been honest with him. And I expect him to do the same with me," he dishes.

Adds Farr, "But I would only give me two cents where it was asked of."

That's not how Brown handled the situation when asked during a recent radio interview. Apparently, there's no code among Nashville songwriters that blasting another writer is cool.

Farr also suggests that when an artist releases a song like 'That's My Kind of Night,' he or she is aware it's not the next 'He Stopped Loving Her Today.' There's even some expectation of criticism from the public.

"There's certain songs that you're gonna record that you hope to touch people and change lives, and there's certain songs that you know that are not going to be that serious," the 'Redneck Crazy' singer says. "'Honky Tonk Badonkadonk' wasn't some serious song, but it was huge! It was funny. I don't take everything so serious."

Farr's new album, 'Redneck Crazy,' will be in stores on Sept. 30. It includes his current Top 5 hit, as well as previous singles 'Hot Mess' and 'Hello Goodbye.'

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