If you think you're the only one with cabin fever, guess again. New video shared by a tour group shows a grey wolf living her best life in the Yellowstone snow.

If you are fascinated by wolves like I am, you need to make sure you're following Yellowstone Wolf Tracker on Facebook. They are one of the tour groups that regularly guide visitors through the park and they regularly capture video of bears, wolves, elk and moose. A few days ago, they dropped this status on Facebook explaining what they watched:

The grey female from the Wapiti Lake Pack found something awesome smelling to roll today in Yellowstone. Video by @mtnmichelle on our Winter Wolf Watch.

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As Yellowstone Wolf documents, there are at least 10 grey wolves in the Wapiti wolf pack. According to their data, there are 2 alphas that lead that pack including a black male and a grey female. Not sure which member of the pack this is, but she's obviously enjoying the snow spot she found.

It'll be a few months before we learn how many new pups the Yellowstone packs have added. Wapiti is believed to be the 2nd biggest pack in Yellowstone National Park trailing only Junction Butte for wolf superiority.

It's worth noting that these professional tour groups understand how to give wildlife their space while they allow visitors to witness moments like this. The video shows whoever captured the video did so with a big time zoom on their camera. That is how it needs to be done instead of encroaching on the animals needed space.

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