I lost my wallet last week, and things have gotten worse since then.

Here are the 'Top 5 Reasons You Shouldn't Lose Your Wallet In Montana'


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    It's a stupid thing to do.

    The first one is an easy one. Simply put, it makes you feel like an idiot. I've lost one wallet in my life, and that was in middle school. I lost my driver's license, and all of my  debit/credit cards.

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    You have to replace your driver's license

    This one is easier said than done. Since I lost everything and don't have an ID card whatsoever, I have to take the written test, and the driving test before I can get a Montana driver's license.

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    You have to replace your payment cards

    This one is also easier said than done. I have a U.S. Bank account, and in order to get a new debit card, I need an ID (which I don't have). I have to take a written test, and a driving test before I can get my Montana license, which mean I'll have to wait until after all of that is done before I can get a new debit card. The best part is this. The soonest I could schedule and appointment to take a written test is December 20th. That's over two months before I can start the process of getting my Montana license.

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    You lose all of your business cards

    Over the years working in radio, I have made a lot of friends and business connections. I had a lot of important business cards and contacts in my wallet that are now lost forever.

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    The wait at the Montana DMV in Bozeman is terrible

    As I mentioned above, the soonest I could schedule an appt. at the DMV in Bozeman is December 20.  That's just to take the written portion of the driving test. After that I have to schedule an appointment to take the driving test. Who knows how long that will take!