Very little happens during the video for Thomspson Square‘s new song ‘Glass,’ but subtle movements and reactions go a long way. The recently-released clip is heavy on close-ups of the married country duo and full of dark, fragile emotion.

Director Roman White once again proves why he’s one of the most trusted in the business. It takes a skilled cinematographer and someone with a clear vision to capture the power of a lost gaze or soft touch. The black and white video includes a few simple, yet effective, set pieces — melted candles, a naked bed, roses and mirrors — but it’s the costuming and makeup that make the movie.

Shawna Thompson is consistently on the leading edge of country fashion. This means she’s often criticized for her choice of dress and hairstyles, but that’s only because there’s a tendency to pass judgment on anything new and different. She has a style of her own, one which tilts toward goth in this music video. Keifer Thompson wears his familiar newsboy cap while plucking his guitar and later holding his wife close as they sing about loving each other so gently.

There isn’t much glass to be found in ‘Glass,’ unless you look closely and realize it’s all over. The translucency of love is portrayed by the shots that begin out of focus, before crystallizing and fading to another scene that’s initially blocked by glass. In the beginning, a vase is smashed at the lovers’ feet, only to slowly begin its reconstruction toward the end. One hopes no one required stitches during any point of the filming.

Watch the Video for Thompson Square’s ‘Glass’


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