A woman in Eugene, Oregon who was wearing a string bikini while shopping at Wal-Mart says she was kicked out for her attire.

Sandy McMillin said it was 90 degrees out so she threw on her bikini top and shorts to hit her local Wal-Mart. After just minutes in the store she says she was confronted and told to put a shirt on or leave. McMillin explained, "I was horrified. I am embarrassed . . . It's wrong. If you don't like the way someone looks, don't look at them . . . I hadn't done anything obnoxious or outlandish."

A Wal-Mart spokeswoman told reporters that McMillin allegedly "verbally abused" others in the store, adding, "It was not our intent to offend the customer, and we have apologized to her."

Do you think people would have had a problem with it, if she was skinny and hot?