I never know how much to pay a babysitter.  I usually just ask how much they charge.  I also don't mind paying more if the sitter actually plays and interacts with the kids!

I have great sitters right now.  Matthew wants to marry Tara, and she's like part of our family...and Gracie, who doesn't like many people, loves sitter Nicole.   She does art with them and plays dress up.  They are worth every penny!

The going rate is different wherever you go, but it looks like parents in the Northeast are paying the highest rates for babysitters in the country, ranging anywhere from $12 to $20 dollars an hour with an average of $15.50.

The average hourly rate per child nationally, is $12.75.   But, you can get a good, high-quality child care provider for less.

Nannies and college graduates with early childhood education experience are the ones who command the higher fees.

San Francisco was the other area with the highest cost of childcare.

How much do you pay?

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