A Bullseye View, which is Target's corporate website, announced that they are offering COVID-19 vaccines at almost all locations that have a CVS inside. Not only are they offering the vaccine but they are offering an incentive for people to get the vaccine. Once you receive the COVID-19, you'll get a $5 Target coupon. This also goes for Target Team members that get the vaccine too. The coupon can be used on a purchase $5 or more. There are so many appointments available, it is crazy. If you wanted to get a vaccine appointment this afternoon, you can! You even. have your choice of vaccine, either Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer or Moderna.

I absolutely love Target and I am at my local Target at least once a week. I am fortunate enough to have a Target with a CVS inside. I am not sure that every Target has one inside, but I know a lot do now. I enjoy their services very much and like I said, I'm usually in there anyway, so it's convenient. My husband and I even got my flu shot and a few other vaccines I needed when I was pregnant. This year I got them at my doctor's office, but if I had to go back to the CVS, I would totally go. I think that we are now in the stage where people need incentive to go get their COVID 19 vaccines and I am all about it. I want COVID gone and I want everyone vaccinated. I want to stop wearing masks, I want to stop. being afraid to be in crowds. Whatever we have to do to achieve this, I am all for.

This Firehouse AirBnB in Lambertville Will be Your Staycation

This Airbnb in Lambertville is sure to be your next staycation. It was once a firehouse and now is an adorable place to stay when you want to get away, but not go too far. It is extremely unique and has two bedrooms and two bathrooms so four guests can use it. It's two stories, located in beautiful Lambertville and even has a rooftop deck. The hosts rent it out for $282 a night. 

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