Greg Bates Helps Young Fan Invite His Girlfriend to the Prom
WYRK in Buffalo does two special acoustic shows per year -- one in the spring and one in the fall -- where they bring in three artists for what amounts to a guitar pull. The acts play songs individually and together and sign some autographs after the fact. The 2013 spring edition saw Greg Bates, Mag…
Best Places to Buy Prom Dresses In Bozeman
Prom season is upon us. The special and memorable night is only weeks away. On top of the stress of finding a date, planning the night, and studying for finals, their is the difficult task of finding the perfect dress. Inside we have the best places to go searching for prom dresses in Bozeman.
A Night To Remember
I remember my prom.  I was so lucky, I got a new dress and shoes.  I did my hair myself, but of course, it was the 80's and all I had to do was back comb it and spray the hell out of it with hairspray.  My date sucked, but other than that, it was perfect...