Inventor Bob Balow understands that common folk don’t want a man of his superior genius working on cures for cancer or a way to get ‘Dharma & Greg’ back on television. Sure, those would be nice, but what the people really demand is an easier way to shovel food into their mouth. Bob Balow is a man of the people and those people yearn for the Spaghetti-Pasta-Noodle Fork.

All those years struggling with spaghetti and my prayers have finally been answered! A fork that does most of the work, allowing people to get fatter from less movement and getting as much deliciousness and Ragu on their fork as possible.

Plus, not having to hold a spoon now frees up the other hand for more important tasks like Googling “severe chest and face pains” on a cell phone and finding the best rated hospital on Yelp within a one-mile radius.

[via Dlisted]

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