Not at all coincidentally, February 15th has been designated Singles Awareness Day. This is a day for singles to get out there and appreciate each other, since all the couples just got to have their day. This was the brilliant idea of Dustin Barnes, a student at Mississippi State, and we think he was spot on.

To honor this Singles Awareness Day, we would like to take a moment and bask in the sunny glow of ten of our favorite single celebrities. May they always celebrate S.A.D. in style.

Mila Kunis

This actress has rocketed to the top of almost every “sexiest woman” list you can find and with good reason. After bursting on the scene in ‘That ’70s Show,’ Kunis has become an A-list star and now finds herself on the market after splitting with longtime beau Macaulay Culkin last year. She’s willing to mingle, too — last year, she accompanied a sergeant to the United States Marine Corps Ball after being asked out in a video that surfaced on YouTube.

Cameron Diaz

This beauty looks good on any Hollywood hunk’s arm, but she never ties herself to anyone for too long. Her list of beaus is long and even includes magician Criss Angel and A-Rod. She’s currently linked to Diddy.

Jake Gyllenhaal

How this adorable bachelor hasn’t been connected to just about every eligible bachelorette in Hollywood, we’ll never know. Perhaps he’s on the Clooney track. That’s fine with us. We like imagining walking those dogs with him in the park. His sister Maggie  Gyllenhaal, who wed actor Peter Sarsgaard in 2009, is married enough for the both of them.


We’ve seen love be pretty bad for Rihanna, so we like seeing her strong and single. We especially like her focused on keeping those hits coming. She’s got a single name, so she might as well have the lifestyle to match. Her hotness does not need to settle down. Besides, the longer she stays single, the better our chances. That’s what we prefer to tell ourselves, anyway.

Jack Nicholson

He’s had his fair share of lucky ladies, and a full roster of children to show for it. He did manage to spend six years of his life married in the ’60s, but that made him a dull boy. Bachelor Jack is who we prefer. We love that he hasn’t slowed down and it’s fun to see what lucky lady (who is usually many, many decades his junior) he pops up with. We know you have an office pool going, don’t try to deny it.

Katy Perry

We’re excited to include Perry because we had given up any aspirations, but now it looks like she can go back on our dream list. We’re just hoping for her sake that Russell Brand wasn’t her version of a “bad boy” phase. It would be fun to see her shock the Hollywood gossip machine with some truly wild companion choices. We’ve heard Jack Nicholson is single.

Tiger Woods

Clearly the golf czar wasn’t so good at being married. And maybe he has kind of a bad reputation for finding himself in less than respectable situations with nearly every female on the planet but his wife. But come on, there is some bank here, and he’s not bad to look at. This guy’s a catch. Maybe a catch-and-release, but still a catch.

Kim Kardashian

As long as there are sports teams, Kim Kardashian will always have someone on her arm. This single lady was made to, well literally, play the field. We all saw her try not to be single, but she couldn’t go all the way. Don’t worry, Kim, baseball season starts soon, maybe you can earn a diamond on the diamond. And, hey, Tiger Woods might be available.

George Clooney

This dashing gent seems to be Hollywood’s perennial playboy, ladies’ man, man’s man and man about town. He can get any gal he wants, but never settles with any of them. He was married for a short time more than two decades ago to a long-time friend, but he has stated publicly that single is the life for him. We couldn’t agree more.

Jennifer Aniston

This somehow-still-single lady is in a class all her own. Yes, we realize our favorite divorcee is all kinds of head-over-heels for some guy now named Justin Theroux. And no, we’re not jealous at all. But, she’s ours until he puts a ring on it. Stay single, Jen. We’ll always love you as the underdog.