It's a hot topic around Bozeman right now and the ballots are due today! Should a new Bozeman high school be built for $125 million? Here's how the XL Nation said they would be voting:

Poll Results high school

Here's some comments we received on our Facebook post about it:

Definitely yes! The population is surging, all you have to do is look down in the grade levels and you'll see our current high school can't efficiently nor effectively serve what's coming. There are 85 kindergartners alone at Monforton!! I'd like to see the focus more on education and teachers, but the reality is we need another one. Our kids deserve the space, attention and best we can give them to succeed.


Absolutely not. 125 million for a new high school that can only educate 3000 kids.
Some of the greatest minds in the world went to school in a one room school house. And you're telling me we need 125 mil to educate 3000 kids. What happens in 5 years when we have another 3000 move into the valley? At bozemans current growth rate we can't afford to only build one school for that price tag.


Everybody posting no, have you been in the high school during a school day. You can barely get through the hallways because there are too many students for the high school as it is. To have another school will benefit the students.


$125 million seriously? And the tax payers are paying for it? How much is that costing us? I'm already broke living in this valley. Sure kids need a new high school but for $125 million? Come on....

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