At the beginning of last year, news sources started reporting that Shania Twain was going the Celine Dion route and planning for a residency show on the Las Vegas strip. Now, more than a year later, the ‘Any Man of Mine’ singer is in pre-production for the show, according to CBS Las Vegas.

Twain is spending some time in Vegas getting a feel for the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, where her show ‘Shania: Still The One’ will unfold. According to a tip from the Las Vegas Sun, as reported on CBS, Twain got to get a feel for the stage when Dion was sick last week. The ‘Sun’ reported that Twain “wanted to get the feel of the building” and “know where her band and the crew would be hanging out.”

The show is scheduled to hit the Colosseum Dec. 1 of this year and enjoy a two-year run there. Because of her 2008 divorce and her vocal ailment, Twain hasn’t done much live performing in several years, with her last tour wrapping in 2004. Most recently we’ve seen Twain collaborate with Lionel Richie on a duet for his album ‘Tuskegee.’

Speaking in a press conference last June about her upcoming Vegas show, Twain said she’s excited about the new challenge. “Besides getting back onstage in the first place, I’m just looking forward to contact with the fans again,” she said. “Being able to connect directly with the fans during the show has always been a pleasure, and that’s probably what I’m looking forward to the most, above and beyond the live show itself.”

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