Shania Twain turned 47 yesterday,August 28, and still looks great! The singer has offered cutting-edge country music and fashion in the 18 years since releasing ‘The Woman With Me’ in 1995. While this wasn’t her debut album, its success (over 12 million copies sold in the U.S. alone) changed the landscape of country music forever. 

Twain pushed the limits onstage and on red carpets, as well. Early on, she caught the eyes of many male country music fans by wearing shirts that barely covered her stomach, or didn’t at all. She wasn’t afraid to add sex appeal to a genre that was known mostly for its wholesome, conservative approach to life and music videos.

In this gallery of Shania Twain photos through the years, you’ll see how the singer evolved into the woman she is today.

Take a look at Shania Twain from today all the way back to the early days in the late 90's.

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