Shania Twain has finally shared the complete track listing for her upcoming new album, Now.

The country superstar turned to social media to share the news with her fans on Wednesday (July 5), posting what looks like the back cover of the project that lists all of the new song titles.

"Feels so great to share with you the full tracklisting for my new album #ShaniaNOW! Out September 29th," Twain posted to Instagram.

In addition to songs like "Life's About to Get Good" and "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed," which fans have already heard, the album features titles including "Light of My Life," "Poor Me," "Where Do You Think You're Going" and "Roll Me on the River," as well as "We Got Something They Don't," "Soldier" and more. Now features 12 songs, and Twain is also offering a deluxe edition with four additional songs.

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Twain wrote all of the songs on Now and worked with producers Matthew Koma, Ron Aniello, Jake Gosling and Jacquire King. "Life's About to Get Good" is the lead single from the new album, which Twain has been teasing for several years. She debuted it live at the 2017 Stagecoach Festival in April and released the single on June 15. Fans got to hear the fiery "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed" on June 16 when Twain debuted it live during an appearance on the Today Show.

Twain has also revealed that one of the album's central songs, "Who's Gonna Be Your Girl," was inspired by her divorce from her former producer, Mutt Lange.

“It’s about feeling unappreciated and knowing that you are secondary,” she tells Rolling Stone. “Having to live with someone that has different priorities and accepting that you’re not the most important thing in a person’s life.”

Shania Twain's Now Standard Track Listing:

1. "Swingin’ With My Eyes Closed"
2. "Home Now"
3. "Light of My Life"
4. "Poor Me"
5. "Who’s Gonna Be Your Girl"
6. "More Fun"
7. "I’m Alright"
8. "Roll Me on the River"
9. "We Got Something They Don’t"
10. "You Can’t Buy Love"
11. "Life’s About To Get Good"
12. "Soldier"

Shania Twain's Now Deluxe Track Listing:

1. "Swingin' With My Eyes Closed"
2. "Home Now"
3. "Light of my Life"
4. "Poor Me"
5. Who's Gonna Be Your Girl"
6. "More Fun"
7. "I'm Alright"
8. "Let's Kiss and Make Up"
9. "Where Do You Think You're Going?"
10. "Roll Me on the River"
11. "We Got Something They Don't"
12. "Because of You"
13. "You Can't Buy Love"
14. "Life's About to Get Good"
15. "Soldier"
16. "All in All"

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