Some country singers would be embarrassed if they took a spill in front of an audience of fans. But, not Scotty McCreery. He took an epic fall during Saturday's (Sept. 14) show at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, Iowa and instead of trying to erase it from his memory, he broadcasted it. 

The handsome crooner tweeted, "I had the most epic fall ever tonight on stage! I fell… n then I couldn't get back up. It was like I was on ice… loll. Please sum1 have a vid."

Thankfully, a fan did have video of the fall, and it really was like McCreery was on a stage made of smooth, slippery ice. As he bounded from one part of the stage to another, he slipped. And then he fell again. Finally, he accepted being on the ground -- and belted out the song from a knee.

The 'See You Tonight' singer was ecstatic to have footage of the spill, tweeting out this hilarious message: "Come see @ScottyMcCreery on ICE! Coming to a city near you!" along with a link to the video. Not only is McCreery a talented vocalist and performer, he also has a huge sense of humor, being able to laugh at himself -- with everyone else.

He's currently on his 2013 Weekend Roadtrip Tour, with a new album release scheduled for Oct. 15. Hopefully there will be no more falls in the 'American Idol' winner's future, but if there are, he'll handle them gracefully -- if not physically, then at least with humor.