If you're new to Montana, you might be caught off guard or surprised when trying to get accustomed to living in the state. We asked our listeners to share a few things that surprised them after moving to Montana, and here are a few of the responses.

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If you moved to Montana from a big city, you'll quickly learn that life moves at a slower pace in the Treasure State, and there aren't really any big cities here. Montana lacks many of the conveniences that can be found in more populated states. For many, the harsh winters come as the biggest surprise, but in addition to the weather, there are several other things that you'll have to get used to.

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If you missed it, here's a list of 10 important things that everyone learns after moving to Montana.

We recently asked a question on our radio station's Facebook page.

If you moved to Montana from somewhere else, what is something that surprised you the first year you were here?

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What Surprises People After Moving to Montana?

We received a variety of different responses, and a few of them are actually pretty funny. If you moved to Montana from somewhere else, did you experience any of these things?

Andrea said;

There was no speed limit.

Melissa said;

I came from Connecticut in 2004 to Three Forks. The first time I was heading over a one-lane bridge and saw hundreds of cows coming at me I cried. I was so scared. They told me to keep driving they would move but I sat there with cows around my car crying and frozen until they were past me.

Brittany said;

I no longer live in Montana but in 2010 I moved from Florida to Bozeman. It was March. Very bad idea. Floridians don't have winter clothes. I stood outside waiting for my son's bus with a comforter from the hotel wrapped around the both of us. I was wondering if the bus was even running because it was like negative 20. The bus pulled up and it ran on propane. The cold was a complete shock even after living in Michigan almost my entire life. I miss Montana.

Sherry said;

The rivers were not made of cement and actually had water in them.

Russell said;

How long the snow stays on the mountains into the summer.

To read all of the responses, click here. What surprised you after moving to Montana? Send us an app chat on our radio station app, and let us know!

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