Sometimes a band will spend hours, days or even weeks deciding if a song is good enough to make an album. Then there are songs like 'Riot,' a ballad from Rascal Flatts' new 'Rewind' album. The trio talks about the first time they heard the song before performing an intimate, acoustic version of the track.

The song came from the very last listening session for 'Rewind.' "I couldn't wait to get on the road and play it for the guys," Jay DeMarcus tells Taste of Country early in this video.

"I think you said 'I don't wanna under-sell this, I'm just gonna play it for you guys,'" Joe Don Rooney adds.

Gary LeVox's vocals are pristine over top of DeMarcus and Rooney's harmonies and guitar strums. This version really allows one to separate all the different parts that make a Rascal Flatts song like 'Riot' magical.

This is the second of four songs the band recorded for Taste of Country's 'Off the Record.' The performance was filmed at the Southern Ground Studios in Nashville. Check out their acoustic version of 'Rewind' HERE.

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