A gritty southern drawl shows signs of a vocalist seasoned with a lifetime of experience, but RaeLynn's 'Boyfriend' lyrics, which she co-penned, are the words of an 18-year-old singer who is still just a girl dodging the frustrations of young love.

Immediately following her stint on Season 2 of 'The Voice,' RaeLynn signed with Universal Republic Nashville and began writing the material for her debut album. A few familiar faces helped the country newcomer pen what would eventually become her introduction to country radio.

"We call ourselves the blondetourage," RaeLynn exclusively tells Taste of Country, referring to the tight-knit bond formed with the track's co-writers, Hailey Steele and Nicholle Gallyon, during their run on the popular reality competition show last year.

All three ladies were eliminated from the competition before the final rounds, but they traveled to Nashville with a creative spark that would eventually manifest into the sweet -- but straightforward -- country tune. All three writers could relate to the message behind 'Boyfriend,' but it was RaeLynn who brought her the personal experience to the table.

"There was that boy," RaeLynn says of the real-life love triangle in the 'Boyfriend' lyrics. "I was in high school and he always had a girlfriend. I was that girl."

Adding to RaeLynn's personal connection, Steele comments, "I immediately connected with that." The singer-songwriter recalls, "Quite honestly, I was just starting to date somebody who had a beautiful, brunette, leggy ex-girlfriend and for the past few months I had been in his life as a friend."

"I want your boyfriend / I’m not gonna lie / I’ll be his girl when he tells you goodbye / Don’t worry I won’t take him cause I ain’t that low / I want your boyfriend / Just thought you should know," RaeLynn sings.

A less confident artist may cower from such bold lyrics, especially so early in a career, but the teen's fearless nature -- combined with the guidance of her friend and former 'The Voice' mentor, Blake Shelton -- persuaded RaeLynn to make an immediate statement at country radio.

"I played Blake the song and he immediately said, 'This is the song that needs to be a single!'" she shares with us.

Further reinforcements from her girlfriends also lead the singer to consider 'Boyfriend' as her introduction to the country music-buying public, knowing that females her age are her target demographic at this stage in her career.

"I was confident in the song, but I played it for a group of my friends and asked them for their honest opinions," RaeLynn admits. "They all loved it. I knew 'Boyfriend' was something that girls could relate to."

"The concept of telling another girl you want her boyfriend can easily sound threatening," shares Steele, referring to the edgy 'Boyfriend' lyrics. "But we tried to make it sound as sophisticated and sweet as possible while still telling it like it is."

The sweet and sophisticated tune is now available for download at all digital retailers. 'Boyfriend' is the first single from RaeLynn's country music debut disc, which is expected to drop this summer.

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