It's been around for 56 years...the wheelin' and dealin' of Bozeman's Garagarama returns to the the Gallatin County Fairgrounds this Saturday, June 12th. It's hosted by the Optimist Club of Bozeman, Montana.

This famous, fun, bargain-hunting event takes place at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds (901 North Black Avenue) in the heart of Bozeman. It's a popular event so if getting a good parking spot is important to you, consider getting there a few minutes early. (It starts at 8am.)

PRO TIP #1: Plan ahead to bring lots of small bills. When you have lots of $1s, $5s and $10s it's a lot easier to bargain with someone for an exact price. We're dealing with dozens of small, individual vendors.

Even though many may have the capacity to accept debit cards, most probably won't. Walking in with a stack of nothing but $20s almost guarantees they'll have to make change. Just avoid that. It's way easier for the vendor and you're guaranteed to pay the best price.

  • WHAT: 2021 Bozeman Garagarama - Big Garage Sale
  • WHEN: Saturday, June 12th, 2021
  • WHERE: Gallatin County Fairgrounds (901 North Black Avenue)
  • TIME: 8am to 3pm
  • WHAT TO EXPECT AT THE EVENT: There will be over 60 vendors at this year's Garagarama. They're also having a silent auction for separate items.
  • There will be food and drink available for purchase inside the fairgrounds, at the event.
  • WHERE DO PROFITS GO? Garagarama is hosted by the Optimist Club of Bozeman, Montana. That means that profits from the event end up supporting other events for the youth in Gallatin County. (Think fun stuff like their Fishing Derby!)
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Google Maps

The mission statement of the Optimist Club of Bozeman really says it all:

The Optimist club is a "Friend of Youth" and devotes its time and energy into raising funds for local youth groups, organizing community youth oriented events, and giving out student "non-traditional" scholarships and sports gear scholarships.

According to the Official Garagarama Facebook Event Page, there is no entry fee for this event. (We'd take a few extra bucks just to be sure.) It's all for a good cause so get out there and hunt some bargains at the 2021 Garagarama event at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds this Saturday!

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