You wanna know what I am NOT looking forward to---- Poop... and lots of it!  Soon it is going to be my life.  What did I do to get myself in this situation--- Well that's not really appropriate to talk about here! Poop on the other hand is--- Mainly Diapers.




What do we do about diapers?  I have heard horrible things about disposable diapers, everything from them lasting 200 years in the landfill to having cancer causing dyes in them.  But if you look at the reusable side of diapers, you have to wash and dry them constantly which uses resources.  Which direction do we go?

According to you can end up needing to buy at least 36 reusable diapers  so that you can do laundry every 3 days.  The cost to purchase and launder all of these diapers over 3 years is around $1000.  Who knew pooping was so expensive!?

Do you think I should use Cloth or Disposable?

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