According to the new owner, Frank Keyes, plans are in the works to reopen the historic Norris Bar.

Back in June of 2018, we reported that the Norris Bar at the intersection of  US-287 & MT-84 was closing.

Things have changed since then. We spoke with Frank Keyes, who recently purchased the Norris Bar. He informed us that the Norris Bar will be remodeled and that "whiskey will flow once more."

Keyes said he would love input from the community on what direction they should go, and what they would like to see.

We want to preserve the history of this Landmark Bar, keeping it in the Western Style of say the Pioneer Bar in Virginia City or Pony Bar, but giving it a Warm, Cozy Character.

According the Keyes, the plan is to have a full liquor & wine selection, as well as local beers. He also envisions a rotating limited menu of tasty food that everyone can enjoy.

Live music and dancing will also be featured once the remodel is complete. A lot of work has to be done, but Keyes is optimistic that the Norris Bar will reopen in spring of 2021.

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