The Museum of the Rockies is one of those places that I don't go to often enough.  It is an absolutely amazing place filled with Dinosaurs, regional history, and ever changing exhibits.  The newly renovated Taylor Planetarium is opening back up on Saturday March 2nd.  Find out how to get some free tickets.


Where else can you see so much history and science?  The MOR is an ever changing museum and no matter how many times I see the dinosaurs I am always amazed at the work that MOR has put into preserving them.

Today we talked with Shelly McKaney from the MOR.  Listen to what she had to say about the new Planetarium. And tune in tomorrow morning for a chance to win some tickets to MOR and the Planetarium.

The Taylor Planetarium is opening This Saturday March 2nd and you do not want to miss out on these shows.  According to MOR the renovation includes a new projector.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, patrons and dedicated Members, Museum of the Rockies has brought one of the world’s most advanced technologies to the Taylor Planetarium. Called Digistar 5 and developed by Evans & Southerland, this state-of-the-art projection system will allow visitors to experience our universe in vivid colors, visual motion and brilliant displays of light.

Photo: Museumof the