Montana State dominates another "best of" list. This time it's for outdoor sports and recreation.

Credit:Rich Frishman/Getty Images

This list was compiled by LendEDU, and had several criteria for their list which included: proximity to off-campus outdoor experiences, weather suitable for outdoors, notable natural beauty on campus, opportunities for academic work in the outdoor world and school-sponsored outdoor programs like clubs, equipment rentals and teams.

That's a pretty detailed list of things to include when thinking about outdoor schools, but the Top 30 they chose all have amazing qualities. Some of the other schools on the list are University of Utah, University of Oregon, Boise State University, University of Idaho and many others. The biggest takeaway that I took from the list though was that Montana State was the only Montana school on the list and it happened to take the #1 spot.

There is a reason why Montana State's enrollment keeps growing and growing every year. Not only are the academics of the school attractive but the beauty that surrounds the school is becoming a huge factor as well. Check out LendEDU for the complete list of school and why Montana State is the best.

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