None of the Montana runners participating in the Boston Marathon were injured when two explosions rocked the area near the finish line, but several were nearby.

Rocky Mountain College cross country coach Alan King was eating lunch with his wife and son about a block from the finish line at the time of the explosions Monday afternoon. He says they watched the aftermath in disbelief and horror.

Registered nurse Nancy Iverson of Billings was nearing the finish line. She stopped to offer assistance at the medical tent, but was urged to get to safety.

Hamilton runner Dean Jordan was waiting for his fiancee to finish when he heard the blast. He says he and his fiancee both called his mother and were able to confirm the other was safe.

List of names by City reported by The Montana Standard

Bryan Bradshaw, 45, Butte

Matthew W. Choquette, 30, Butte

Garrett W. Zohner, 28, Dillon

Neal Andrews, 38, Bozeman

James A. Berve, 52, Billings

Julia H. Berve, 49, Billings

Jeff Bollman, 45, Billings

Richard Briles, 58, Kalispell

Melissa Casper, 43, Bozeman

Jill Clark, 46, Kalispell

John G. Dudas, 44, Bozeman

Laurie L. Edwards, 34, Bozeman

Matt D. Edwards, 35, Bozeman

Pamela J. Estill, 42, Huson

Alison J. Forney-Gorman, 40, Missoula

Andy Garza, 47, Bozeman

Jana Garza, 35, Helena

Bryanna L. Gondeiro, 23, Raynesford

Robert M. Hill, 24, Missoula

Nancy J. Iversen, 52, Billings

Heidi A. Johnson-Fry, 34, Bozeman

Dean N. Jordan, 50, Hamilton

Ashley Kelly, 24, Hamilton

Alan King, 33, Billings

Bekah Kirtley, 20, Fromberg

Brooke Lawrence, 33, Superior

Ryan J. Morgan, 28, Missoula

Aidan S. Myhre, 45, Helena

Wendy P. Newman, 54, Bozeman

Holly A. Orrell, 38, Belgrade

Eijai J. Oxford, 21, Billings

Nicholas P. Ricardi, 53, Gardiner

Kimberly A. Roush, 29, Bozeman

Scott N. Sneddon, 50, Billings

Rebecca R. Sorenson, 22, Bozeman

Sara M. Stahl, 47, Missoula

Daniel Stoken, 25, Bozeman

Jennifer Straughan, 54, Missoula

Erica Swanson, 39, Helena

Vo Von Sehlen, 48, Missoula

J.B. Yonce, 66, Missoula

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