I have been a Montanan all my life and I understand guns and outdoor lifestyle to be part of the Montanan upbringing. I also believe there are viable solutions to help curb tragedies like the one that happened in Connecticut last week. Montana Republican of House District 60 David Howard has recently shared his own solution.

The Vietnam veteran and former FBI Agent, David Howard, posted on his Facebook page:

Which sign should be at the entrance of every School in America?

1. Do gun free zones make it easier or harder to for a killer to kill?
2. If you are known to be armed, is it more difficult to kill you?
More difficult!
3. Do predators look for easy targets or targets that can shoot back?
Easy targets!

4. Why can’t secular progressive liberals answer these questions truthfully?
Because it goes against their world view or pious ideology!

I'm not here to argue whether David Howard is right or wrong but I would like to ask one question to all parents in Montana:

Would you send your children to a place that allows people wielding guns each and everyday?

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