Well, this is extremely good to know information.

Wallet Hub just released a ranking of the Best and Worst States for Health Care and Montana was actually high on the list for one of the best.

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Montana came in on the list at #12 for having the best health care in the United States.

The reason being for Montana being ranked so high is one of the factors was the "Cost' of health care in Montana. Montana's average cost of a medical visit is very low and Montana's average insurance premium is pretty low as well.

The other factors where Montana landed towards the middle of the group was the "Access" and "Outcomes" sections. Which brought us down to #12.

The "Access" area deals with quality of health care systems, average emergency room wait time and more factors.

The "Outcomes" area deals with things such as life expectancy, mortality rates and other factors.

One of the interesting parts is that Montana has some of the fewest physicians per capita(we rank at #48) but we rank extremely high for % of medical residents retained(we are #3).

It's interesting to go over these numbers and think about the health care in Montana. Even though we don't have to the huge hospitals that bigger cities have, we do have smaller rural hospitals spread out throughout the state that can take care of smaller towns in Montana.

We don't need to have the huge facilities and we can still take care of our citizens.

For more details and to see all the numbers, check out Wallet Hub.

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