I have to run out of the office this morning, because I have parent/teacher conferences for my two girls, and it makes me wonder, how can 2 people with the same parents be so different?

I already know what I am going to hear today:  Gracie, the Kindergartner is ridiculously well-behaved at school.  I would give money for her teacher to see her at home.  She cusses for shock value, argues with me, and torments her brother.  At school, she is an angel...and NO ONE believes me when I tell them the truth!  Actually, this kid has it figured out.  She has a wicked sense of humor that reminds me of my adult friends, she is ornery, but has a heart of gold, and is easily hurt.  Emma, the 3rd grader is my angel at home.  She takes such good care of her brother and sister, she is protective and kind, and she melts my heart with her generosity.  At school, she is still good and respectful, but has been known to break some rules!  I am not the Mom who thinks her kids are perfect, but they are perfect for me.  I don't want a perfect kid...that's boring.   I love my crazy, fun, interesting and funny kids.  Really, the only thing I am afraid of is the stories they tell their teacher about our crazy house!