Have you ever been so tired you wanted to cry? I am not a morning person, I've always been open about that. I know that a morning show might not be the best job option for me, but I love what I do so much, and it works with the family. Anyhoo...I get home from work around 10, and I hit the ground running. I spent the entire day doing laundry and cleaning because my parents are coming. I've decided the only time I get my house in order is if someone comes to visit. My giant laundry pile got put away, the dust bunnies are gone, and the beds are made. Mike was at a meeting last night, and I was at that point where I could have fallen asleep standing up. The kids were eating some cheese and I asked them if they were willing to have cheese for dinner. They said no...so with limited options, I now give you the "I have nothing in the fridge recipe."

frozen pre-cooked hamburgers from The Costco

nuke the burgers as directed. put them on a flour tortilla with cheese and microwave for :20. Take some frozen veggies out and nuke them so you feel like you're being a good mom and giving kids their veggies. Open a beer and sit down and pray that your husband gets home soon. for dessert, let the kids grab ice cream and spoons and eat out of the carton. FIVE STARS FROM THE KIDS