Do you have a smart phone or a tablet computer? Maybe you're hoping to snag one as a present this year. Either way, inside is a list of games you'll want to have ready to play this holiday season. Some are free and some are cheap.


Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit - Race against the police or be the police in this classic game that rewards you for crashing your opponents!  Video | Buy AndroidBuy iPhone | Buy iPad 

Riptide GP - The water looks so beautiful! You won't care you still have 2 hour left to go at your relatives house after booting this game up.  Video | Buy AndroidBuy iPhone | Buy iPad

Brain Teasers 

World of Goo HD - Popular on the Wii and mobile devises, this game has won several awards and is loads of fun to play. The soundtrack is amazing too, be sure to strap on some headphones to get the true experience. VideoBuy AndroidBuy iPhone | Buy iPad

Best IQ Test - It's free and it will tell you how much smarter you are than everyone around you! It took me a bit over half an hour to finish. Buy Android

Online With Friends

SnapChat - The concept is simple and the possibilities are endless. Snap a photo, choose friends to send it to, and they get to see the photo for three seconds and then it's gone forever! It's endless fun! iPhone

Family Feud® & Friends - It's everyone's favorite game show with you as the contestant along with your friends! It's a great party game to get everyone involved in. And it's free as long as you are relatively decent at it. Each round costs coins but you get free coins each day. Android | iPhone | iPad

Camera Apps

Paper Camera - This will let you document the holidays in a way you never have before. Turn each moment into a fun illustration that you can then share with the whole family! Video | Buy Android | Buy iPhone | Buy iPad

Photo Grid HD - Make fun collages out of the photos of your family and friends. It's free! Android | iPhone | iPad









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