Summertime means more family gatherings where we find ourselves surrounded by young people. It's ALWAYS a good idea to keep a few clean jokes in your back pocket!

Full disclosure: I stole all of these jokes from our latest box of Popsicles. Hands down, those things are the BEST source of silly, easy to remember, clean jokes.

  • 1. What kind of phones do turtles use? (Shell-ular phones)
  • 2. Why are doctors always calm? (They have a lot of patients)
  • 3. What is a mouse's LEAST favorite weather? (When it's raining cats and dogs)
  • 4. What did one elevator say to the other elevator? (I think I'm coming down with something)
  • 5. What did the Teddy Bear say after dinner? (I'm stuffed!)
  • 6. What did the horse say to the angry cow? (What's your beef?)
  • 7. Why did the football coach ask for a refund? (He wanted to get his quarter back)
  • 8. Why are calendars so popular? (They have a lot of dates)
  • 9. Why should a window never laugh? (It might crack up)
Popsicle Stick Jokes
Popsicle Stick Jokes

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