Now here is a local music group that's really going places! The same group that performed live on David Letterman not too long ago, and that even had Justin Timberlake, John Oats,and Shawn Colvin in attendance at another one of their shows, has just stepped off stage after a spontaneous and star-studded jam session with John Mayer and Katy Perry!

Fel Torres, drummer of The Cold Hard Cash Show, a wildly popular Johnny Cash cover band, had the honors of playing at a wedding party near Bozeman, Montana, not too far from John Mayer's new ranch property. A few days before the gig, Torres was asked by the party planner to play drums that night, an opportunity he quickly jumped on.

"Of course, I accepted!" Torres said. "My first view of Katy was when we walked into the party to play. I sat down at my drums and saw her and John sitting right in front of us across the room. No pressure there."


Soon after Torres finished his set, he was asked to go talk to John and Katy and the group that they were mingling with.

"John and Katy stepped up to me and introduced themselves before I could get a word out, and told me they really dug what we did on stage," Torres said. "Hands down the nicest celebrities we ever met, and we've met a ton of them in the last five years. They were the best!"


After conversing with the two stars, the band took to the stage to perform some Eric Clapton covers followed by two of Katy's songs.

"It was an amazing experience and we ended up enjoying the rest of the night with them, dancing while John played music for his friends" Torres said.

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