An argument at a downtown bar early Sunday morning led to a stabbing of a man. Paul Kordonowy was arrested by Bozeman Police after he fled the scene. Police chased Kordonowy across Mendenhall where he eventually gave up when other officers arrived.

Witnesses stated that Kordonowy was making rude comments directed towards some African American females who were in Bar IX. He was confronted about his remarks by Tara Gallagher, and when they began arguing, Tara's son, Jonathon Gallagher, stepped in.

Police reported that the two men walked off and moments later, Jonathon came running back yelling he had been stabbed.

When police arrested Kordonowy they discovered a red folding utility knife in his pocket. He was arrested for assualt with a weapon. Gallagher went to the hospital where his injuries reportedly included a knife wound to his abdomen 10 inches long and one inch deep.

Bail was set for the suspect Monday morning at $100,000.

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