The dust seems have settled on the recent incident involving Jason Aldean. In September, the 'Take a Little Ride' singer was photographed kissing former 'American Idol' contestant Brittany Kerr in a Los Angeles bar. Aldean has since apologized, acknowledging that he "screwed up."

Aldean's longtime friend, former tourmate and fellow Georgian Luke Bryan recently stuck up for his buddy, giving his own opinions of how to keep a marriage healthy -- whether in or out of the spotlight.

"You go searching online and you can find anything you want to online," Bryan told radio station KNIX just prior to the CMA Awards. "Me and my wife's stance on that is we just pray for Jason and his wife and family to get through it. I think Jason handled it the best way he could, apologizing and I think it was pretty clear that it was an alcohol-related situation much more than any other type of situation."

"It's a little unfortunate when the media turns it into... when they tweak headlines and all that stuff, you know, calling it affairs, that's bizarre to me," Bryan added, speaking of the tabloid frenzy that spurred as a result of the TMZ photos.

As for his own in-the-limelight marriage to wife Caroline, Bryan says communication is critical. "My wife and I, we try to work hard and stay on the same page. With any marriage, whether you are in the spotlight or not, I mean, you have to stay on the same page and communicate and do things that make each other truly, truly happy," he explains. "Understand that if you're married for 60 years and you're saying you've never had an up and down time, you're telling a lie, in my opinion."

Bryan is candid about the ups and downs in his own relationship, admitting, "My wife and I are really great about... we'll fight like hell. We'll throw stuff and have a good ole fashioned fight, but we make up a lot better than we fight. You see these perfect couples... and I don't buy none of it. I think at the end, couples got to talk it out."

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