Car rides are good for one thing: sing-a-longs. Actress/singer Lucy Hale made use of her time in the car with country singer Joel Crouse and their musician friend, Kyle Rife. The trio sang a popular song from the animated musical 'Frozen.'

Hale commented on Crouse's participation in the sing-a-long calling it "major, solid commitment," despite the fact that they both actually only sang a brief portion of the chorus of 'Let It Go.' She calls friend Rife's singing just a "mediocre, adorable half-assed commitment." Hale dedicated the silly video to her hairdresser, Scotty Cunha.

Hale led the sing-a-long with Rife in the back saying he didn't really know the words, but when 'Let It Go' came around they all joined in for a moment. With her caption it seems we know which one she is a little biased towards -- especially with all the time it looks like her and Crouse have been spending together. Judging by the photos on her Instagram account, it looks like the two have been getting pretty cozy together as of late. One of her photos even mentions a "joint birthday party" that the two will be having this summer.

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