LeAnn Rimes recruited some A-list musical friends for her song 'Gasoline and Matches,' namely Matchbox Twenty singer Rob Thomas and guitarist Jeff Beck. Both of the tune's guests appear in the fun, light-hearted video, albeit in different and unique ways. 

It's a stop motion clip, featuring scenes of Rimes and Thomas singing while encased in picture frames.

Their animated avatars, however, are flame accelerants!

There's Myrtle Matches and Gus Gasoline and they chase each other and flirt. Despite their obvious combustibility and lack of compatability, they eventually choose to throw caution to the wind and hook up anyway. They get fired up, of course, as they embark on their love-seeking adventure.

We don't see Jeff Beck's face but he is well represented, visually speaking, during his guitar solos.

Do Myrtle and Gus end up happily together or do they burn out and fade away? No spoilers here. You just have to watch this cute clip and find out if love conquers all, even the elements, like fire.