JT Hodges got down to work last Thursday afternoon (March 22), shooting a music video for his latest single, ‘Goodbyes Made You Mine.’ The singer even put his acting chops to the work as he played the video’s leading man, keeping a close watch on a female friend he would love nothing more than to make his own.

“The concept of the video is two rooms, and the rooms are only divided by an imaginary line,” Hodges explained to Taste of Country on set during a brief break to switch scenes. “We can actually see each other, but she’s on her side of the room — almost like her own apartment — and I’m on my side of the room in my own apartment, both kind of living our lives day to day. I’ll have buddies in my band come in, and we’ll jam. She’ll have boyfriend after boyfriend come in. Basically, all the while you can tell we have a connection, but I’m in the friend zone. At the end, she comes to terms with what’s going to be right for her. I’m kind of realizing all those goodbyes made her mine. I think it’s going to reinforce what the song is all about. I’m looking forward to people hearing it.”

The video is Hodges’ second to date, the first being for his hit single ‘Hunt You Down,’ which he shot on the streets of Memphis. For both clips, the singer says there was a certain level of comfortableness that kept him at ease throughout the filming.

“The first one was a lot of fun because we got to ad-lib a little bit more and kind of  be spontaneous,” noted Hodges. “With this, it’s like, ‘Hey, we’re going to do this … this is the moment. Get into it and like it.’ That’s a great way to do it as well. I’m just really looking forward to people seeing and hearing more of me.”

So just when can fans expect to hear more from Hodges — like his forthcoming debut album on Showdog Universal? “We’re looking like July,” the singer said, beaming. “They are telling me July. I am not kidding! It will be July for the full album release and I can’t wait. It’s a diverse record, like I’ve always told you. I think there’s a song for everybody on it.”

Next week, Hodges will head to Vegas for the 2012 ACM Awards, and will then be part of opening day at this year’s CMA Music Festival in Nashville. His touring schedule will remain busy throughout the summer, as he continues to do his own shows while ironing out details on a couple of possible tours later in the year. “I can’t even keep up with the days, much less the weeks now,” Hodges said, laughing. “But this is what I signed up for, and I’m having a blast. We’re definitely going to be out playing a lot this summer, I can tell you that.”

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