Dave & Ally here, inviting you to get healthy with us during the month of August. We're calling it the August Challenge and we're looking for members of the XL Nation to join us. From Aug 1 - 31 we pledge to not eat:

  • Chips or Fries
  • Soda or Juice
  • Ice Cream
  • Fast Food
  • White Bread
  • Cakes or Donuts
  • Cookies or Candy
  • Artificial Sweeteners (Nutrasweet, Splenda, Aspartame)

Are you in with us? Email Dave@XLcountry.com or Ally@XLcountry.com and let us know, so we can support each other. This is not about losing weight but just feeling better. We'll see if it works and find out if we want to continue it after August.

Come on, get healthy with us! In the meantime, eat as many donuts as you can before August 1st!

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