Montana is known for its quirky roadside bars; some are considered local landmarks. One such gem is Holly's Roadkill Saloon in McLeod. Located along Highway 298 between Livingston and Big Timber, you've likely driven past it if you've ever journeyed from Bozeman to Natural Bridge Falls.

McLeod, Montana
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Holly's Roadkill Saloon, formerly known as the McLeod Bar and Roadkill Cafe, recently gained unexpected internet fame when a picture of a famous actor wearing a t-shirt from the establishment surfaced online.

Famous Actor Wears T-shirt From Popular Bar in Montana

If you grew up in the 90s, there's a good chance that you've seen the movie Airheads starring Adam Sandler, Brendan Fraser, Chris Farley, and Steve Buscemi. It's about a group of rock fans that take over a local radio station to get their music played on the air. It's considered a classic 90s movie, and many of the cast members went on to have huge careers in the film industry.

Steve Buscemi - Airheads
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In Airheads, actor Steve Buscemi can be seen wearing a t-shirt from the McLeod Bar & Cafe. The back of the shirt says;

From Your Grill to Ours.

The combination of a beloved 90s movie, a legendary actor, and a cool Montana bar makes the photo undeniably "awesome." It even sparks the question: Does Steve Buscemi still have that t-shirt somewhere?

Next time you find yourself in the area, swing by Holly's Roadkill Saloon for a drink and an unforgettable experience at one of Montana's iconic roadside watering holes.


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