It's hard to beat a good breakfast, and luckily, Montana is home to a lot of great breakfast joints. Many of them are well known, but there are a few hidden gems scattered throughout the state that you may not know about.

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Eating a good breakfast is really important. It gives your body the nutrients and energy that it needs to get through the day. Plus, the smell of sizzling bacon is one of the best things in the world.

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Throughout Montana, you'll find several iconic breakfast establishments. The Western Cafe in Bozeman has been around for decades and still remains of one the city's most popular breakfast joints. In Billings, Stella's Kitchen and Bakery has been serving up delicious breakfasts for over 40 years. However, if you plan on visiting either of the places listed above, expect a long wait, especially on the weekends.

While the restaurants mentioned above are extremely popular, they weren't included on Cheapism's list of the best breakfast joints in every state. Before we tell you which restaurant was named Montana's best breakfast spot, here are a few great hole-in-the-wall restaurants you need to know about.

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Best Breakfast Joint in Montana

Paul's Pancake Parlor - Missoula

We all have our favorite restaurants based upon personal preference, but according to the folks at Cheapism, a beloved breakfast spot in Missoula was named the best in the state. Paul's Pancake Parlor in Missoula has been a popular destination for hungry locals and travelers alike since the early 60s. We highly recommend the caramel pecan pancakes.

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